Winners: Delia Skye (#1) and Jack Migliore (#2 and #3)

Click Here for printable version of the rules. Audubon Photo Contest Rules.pdf

Need Help? Have further questions? Contact Rod Rodrigues:  If the link does not work for you, copy/paste the email address when you compose email. 

When you go to the place to print your picture(s), be sure to bring youor phone/camera and the USB cord that comes with it. 

Going on field trips with the club or on your own? Bring your cameras! You do not have to be a professional photographer to win.  The judges will be club members attending the December 1 meeting.   Participants will display their prints at that time.  Club attendees will vote their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice prints.  Tabulation will be done by preferential ballot. 

Your photo needs to be mounted on a 16 X 20 black background, leaving at least a 1” border all round. That means the photo must fit in a 14 X 18 window.

Subject matter: birds, butterflies, wild animals, insects, anything of interest to Audubon members.

Who is eligible:

  • Audubon Club members
  • Board Members and their spouses are not eligible

Up to 3 entries per person

Deadline: Friday, November 23

Taped (not glued) to the back of your submission, we should find your name, your contact information,  and the title of your submission.

Drop-off location: Photo Club Room (open Mon-Friday, 9AM – 12 noon). The Photo Club Room in on N. Pebble Beach, north of the CA building.

Photos will be judged by SCC Audubon Club Member attendees using a preferential ballot. Attendees will score their first (1), second (2) and third (3) choices as to their favorites.

The winning entries will be displayed at the next meeting, before the meeting begins.


  • First Place: $150
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

In addition, the top three winners will have their pictures, including the name of the maker, shown in the Web Site Banner.

You can print your photos at a number of places. Keep in mind that Photo Mounting board generally is stiffer than poster board.

  • If you are a Photo Club member, you can print it and mount it in the Photo Club room for a fee (under $10, including the mounting board). Use the computers in the Photo Club Room to enlarge, crop and print your photo, and mount it on 16 by 20 backing.
  • If you are not a Photo Club member, we will provide a list of Photo Club members willing to bring you to the room and assist you. Use the computers in the Photo Club Room to enlarge, crop and print your photo, and mount it on 16 by 20 backing.
  • You can also enlarge and print your photo at Walgreen’s (SCC), Sam’s Club (Riverview), Costco (Brandon), Staples (Brandon), Kinko’s (Bradenton). Some of these places will print AND mount your pictures for you, and they will give you some assistance with the process. Prices vary. You can also get mounting board at Michael’s (Brandon).
  • Remember when you go to print your photo, bring your Smartphone or camera AND the USB cord that came with the camera.

If you are a member of the Photo Club and are willing to help non-Photo Club members in the Photo Club room, please email me (Rod Rodrigues) at and supply your contact information. Also, email me with any questions.