Meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month, October - April.  

Topics vary, but all are concerned in some way with the aim of Audubon to observe and conserve the nature around us.  Meetings are usually held in the Florida Room in the Atrium Building. Coffee, tea, and refreshments are served prior to the meeting and there is time to socialize and meet others of like interests. (Bring your own mug and you'll be helping the environment!)  The meetings are free and open to the public. 

9 :30 AM Coffee Social
10:00 AM Business Meeting, followed by Speaker Presentation 


We have two workshops each year, generally one in the spring and one in the fall. Topics include beginning birding, migrating birds, gardening to attract birds, and other nature related topics. The workshops are free and open to the public and are held in the Florida Room unless otherwise announced. Advance notice of the workshops can be found in our newsletter as well as the local newspapers.

They Live Among Us! October 5, 2019

Our local community is home to more wildlife than one might imagine. With our many lakes and conservation areas there is habitat to support the many birds that live here or pass through during migration. Over the past five years, John Lampkin has been photo-documenting not just the birds, but all of the flora and fauna of Sun City Center and he will share his images and insights. How do our critters survive in an urban environment? What are the challenges our feathered fauna face and how can we best help them?

“What’s Next for Florida's Largest Land Acquisition Program November 2,2019

The citizens of Hillsborough County have successfully preserved more than 61,000 acres over the past 30 years. This presentation will provide an overview of the ELAPP’s history, accomplishments, and future plans to preserve critical habitat and linkages within an urbanizing county.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Birds of Prey Presentation December 7, 2019

Meet the feathered ambassadors in The Bird of Prey Program. The ranger will introduce you to birds that cannot be released back into the wild, and are kept (with state and federal permits) as animal ambassadors at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. The birds have all been deemed non-releasable by a licensed rehabilitator and are carefully vetted to ensure that they will adapt to being handled and used in educational programs. Once birds are welcomed into the Bird of Prey Program, Boyd Hill becomes home for the rest of their lives.

You will get exciting opportunities to see these animal ambassadors up close while learning about their natural history and role in the ecosystem.

By caring for non-releasable birds of prey the preserve serves two important purposes: They give a new chance at life to birds who would not survive in the wild. And, they inspire the humans who meet them to care about wildlife in their own backyards and communities. The owls, vultures, hawks, eagle, and other birds of prey at Boyd Hill are a valuable educational resource for the local community.

Sea Level Rise and Shorebirds January 4, 2020

How will rising seas impact shorebirds and where will they go when existing beach areas are submerged? Making space for shorebirds, nesting turtles, and other coastal wildlife in an ever diminishing coastal habitat needs to be discussed. Join us when the President of Tamp Bay Sierra club gives us some powerful information.

The Social Nature and Survival of The Swallow Tailed Kite February 1, 2020

Unlike many raptors, Swallow-tailed Kites are social throughout their annual cycle, in all aspects of their behavior. By nesting and roosting in neighborhoods, forming large pre-migratory communal roosts, and foraging in large aggregations, they assist each other in locating ephemeral food sources, detecting predators, and synchronizing departures for their long, dangerous migratory flights. Learn just how important this distinctive sociality is to Swallow-tailed Kites, and how vital the undisturbed persistence of pre-migratory roost is to the survival of these amazing raptors.

Florida Butterflies March 7, 2020

Come explore the wonderful world of Florida butterflies with the man who wrote the book! What's here? Where are they? How do you know who they are? Find out the answers with Marc Minno's colorful and informative presentation. 

Love Is In The Air April 4, 2020

A presentation on bird courtship and breeding behaviors. Real facts about their intimate lives, and all the changes they go through in preparation for breeding. Explore the process from territory selection to finding mate, and how they manage to raise a new generation. This presentation covers many aspects of bird reproduction including physical and behavioral adaptation with examples from Florida and around the world.

From the intricate dance of the anhingas to the selfishness of the ostrich, we'll uncover some interesting secrets of birds life with presenter Reinier Muguia