This year, the December meeting will once again include a Photo Contest! Once again, we expect an excellent array of photographs from our members. The subject matter can be anything of interest to our members, so get your cameras out and be on the lookout for interesting photos of birds, butterflies, nature, etc.

The production of you photos is much the same as last year. Most will choose to print and mount their photos in the Photo Club Lab, which is in the building next to the Samaritans on North Pebble Beach. There wil be a shelf there to collect your photos. If you are not a member of the Photo Club, you will need to be accompanied while you are in the room by a Photo Club member.

If you are new to printing and mounting your photos, we will have several very generous Photo Club members ready to assist you upon request. Even smartphone photos can be used, so if you carry one of those around, you always have a camera!

There are a couple of changes from last year. Each person can submit only two photos. No person can win more than one prize. The prizes are $150, $100, and $50 (same as last year). Board members and their spouses are not eligible. For the Complete rules, see the links above.